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Empire Axe Pro vs It's Competitor's 

The Empire Axe Pro has only a few competitors that actually match up somewhat decently due to the Axe Pro's supreme value. The Axe is simply put one of the best values in paintball today due to it being so feature packed and reliable without carrying a price tag over $600. With that being said I would say that the only markers that are somewhat comparable to the Axe Pro would be the Planet Eclipse Gtek or Planet Eclipse Etek 5. The Eclipse guns in my experience are not as easy to maintain as the Axe Pro is. The Gtek will offer a more premium feeling shot (smoother shot), as well as the Etek 5 offering more air efficiency. However, in the overall picture I would say that the average player would find the Empire Axe Pro to be the most easy to maintain and the most comfortable in the hands. Obviously how a paintball gun feels in the hands will vary greatly depending on the person but I have found most of our customers agree that the Axe Pro feels very comfortable in the hands.

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase An Empire Axe Pro 

  1. Superior Feel and Shot Quality- The thing is a workhorse that needs almost no regular maintenance except for the battery being changed and bolt needing lube... The Axe Pro has one of the quietest shots on the market which makes it perfect for more stealthy play. 
  2. Overall Build Quality- The Empire Axe Pro is one of the sharpest looking paintball guns under $800. The design took years of prepping and planning but I honestly don't see anywhere to knock the overall design. Every piece of the Axe Pro is refined and serves a purpose.
  3. Superior Warranty Support- I know that this is something that I harp on all the time in my posts... The warranty service that GI Sportz/Empire provide their customers really is top knotch. We choose who we sell gear from very selectively; mostly due to their warranty support and overall industry support. Let me assure you that if you were to encounter an issue with the Axe or any other product from GI, they would be more than willing to take care of the issue for you! 

Empire Axe Pro Photos and Videos

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