Ninja Paintball Remote Lines - Microbore Remote w/ Quick Disconnect

Ninja Paintball Remote Lines - Microbore Remote w/ Quick Disconnect

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The Ninja Paintball remote is MADE IN THE USA!!!! The all black tactical look of the Ninja Paintball Remote is great for scenario, tactical, or recreational paintball. The Heavy duty remote coil line is very durable and is pressure rated to work with all Compressed Air and Co2 tanks. The Ninja Paintball remote is Extremely flexible which allows you to maneuver even through the toughest terrain. The Ninja Paintball remote was designed by paintball players for paintball players. This means you get the best possible performance and advancements. This Paintball Remote Kit is fully assembled and ready to go. The Ninja Paintball remote is built and tested in the USA so you can be assured it was built and tested by the best. The Ninja Paintball Remote Is one of the best and most reliable remote kits to ever hit the paintball market. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.


The Ninja Microbore Paintball Remote Line is a groundbreaking new way to route air to your marker. The Ninja Microbore Remote features an incredibly flexible yet tough air line that is 30% thinner and lighter than standard coil remotes. Despite its smaller size it is still rated to a 4500 psi working pressure and maintains high pressure flow to your paintball gun. The 42" Microbore Remote is thin and flexible enough to be routed through your gear for a more streamlined connection to your tank with less snagging. This remote features an ASA adapter with remote nipple and a Ninja Slide Check Valve. This valve lets you cut off air flow to the marker, degassing it at the ASA while the air line remains charged.


  • 33% Lighter and Thinner than standard remotes
  • Extremely flexible 42" hose
  • 4500psi working pressure
  • Works with any Compressed Air or CO2
  • ASA Adapter and Slide Check
  • Degasses marker and stops flow in hose
  • Made in the USA

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